Can You Overcome Crystal Meth Addiction?

photo of crystal meth

What is Crystal Meth? Crystal methamphetamine or Crystal meth, or Glass whatever you want to call it, has high addictive properties on the nervous system. It is more potent than cocaine and other recreational and can create abusive habits. Crystal Meth can be addictive because for a certain period of time, just after you smoke it, the happy part of your brain gets stimulates.

This feeling gives you a weird powerful emotion and for a while, you feel very active however as this phase varies out you started feeling worst. It is more harmful than cocaine and hash because you can get dependent on meth in very short time. When a person gets addicted to a recreational drug there are surely some side effects that you experience for example; Seizures, Insomnia, Paranoia, Anxiety and many more.

How Long To Recover From Crystal Meth Addiction

Recovering from a drug addiction is hard, however, there are many programs and rehabilitation centers that help the addicts in recovering and getting them back to normal life. Long-term of meth addiction can cause substantial harm to the dopamine receptors. The duration of recovery depends on the quality of treatment and the addict’s cooperation.

Recovery from Crystal meth is possible if only you follow the path to recovery. Basically, there are twelve stages of recovery programs offered in the rehab centers. However, there is no FDA approved treatment for addiction like Crystal Meth. Different clinics and rehab centers use their own methods of researched treatments for the recovery of meth.


You may be asking: “is there a cure for crystal meth addiction?” The first step towards the recovery route is the withdrawal from drugs. Meth withdrawal usually does not create the severe sickness symptoms as other substances do. The withdrawal period is normally four to five weeks long because once you give up a highly addictive drug it affects your nervous systems. For the withdrawal period, you will be needing professional help because of the unsolicited mood swings and many other symptoms that can be uncontrollable.

The Behavior

After the withdrawal period, a lot of people might feel better and their mind fog might clear up. However, the honeymoon stage is named this way because you might feel great after all the emotional changes and this can lead to overconfidence and sometimes relapse. Relapse and be even worse than the addiction in the first place, and it is hard to recover from it. Once you relapse then the next stage would be harder to pass.

Adjusting in Society

Crystal Meth addiction programs offer different services for the addicts once they are all out and healthier. However, there is still disturbance, craving and the high possibility that a former addict can go back to substance abuse very easily. To make them live a normal social life they take therapies with their family and friends so that once they come out of the rehab they do not feel like an alien. So yes Crystal Meth addiction can be cured!

We have seen Crystal Meth being much fancied on the television and films, however, this does not send a very good message to the youngsters. If you think that you, anyone in your family or friends have Meth addiction problem then you can dial our hotline 855-997-1492. You can find help here because it is completely fixable.