Can You Recover From ICE Addiction?

photo of ice addiction

What is ICE Addiction?

Addiction is a monster that feeds off you and controls you. ICE addiction is one of the most challenging addictions to recover from with a massive number of people trying to get help and recover every day.

ICE addiction makes people risk everything from family to finances in order to keep access to the drug.

Popularly known as crystal meth or crystal tea, ICE is a form of methamphetamine which is the purest form of amphetamine. Methamphetamine is a potent stimulant and is highly addictive in nature.

The drug affects you physically and mentally causing dangerous effects on both of them. The usage of this drug has intense reactions from the body and causes you to get high. There is a rapid increase in the number of ICE users every year.

The increase in meth abuse is partially a result of it being easily available and the existence of a large number of ways to use it. The drug can be injected directly into the veins, can be taken through mouth or nose, and can be smoked depending upon the addicted user’s comfort.

How Does ICE Usage Affect Your Body?

The drug is popular due to its effects on the mental state and body of the user such as high energy levels, excitement, hallucinations, illusions, and the increased levels of alertness and talkativeness among others. There are certain effects on your health after using ICE for prolonged periods such as:

  • Nausea and extreme sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • High heart rates
  • Dryness and dehydration
  • Paranoia
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Psychosis

How Can You Recover from ICE Addiction?

Yes, it is possible to get well from the addiction.

Most of the users who try ICE for once or twice have a tendency to reuse it owing to its extremely addictive nature. The users who are once addicted struggle with recovery from the drug.

The addiction is difficult to recover but one must not lose hope. Almost all the addicts who seek recovery struggle in the initial days.

Although with proper medical supervision and support from family and friends can help you get rid of ICE addiction.

There are a lot of treatments and therapies that are employed in order to help the user get rid of his addiction.

However, not all the treatments have a very high success rate. The following are the most popular therapies with 50 to 60% success rates:

The Matrix Model

The Matrix Model is a way to a treatment that is specifically designed to recover from substances such as meth and cocaine. This is the most popular treatment due to its high success rates.

It also involves therapy in order to cope up with the following stress and anxiety after the user stops using meth. It involves constant teaching session about the ill-effects of the drug and how it is going to affect the user, his family, and friends.

The Aversion Therapy

The Aversion Therapy is a psychological technique to trick the addict into thinking that the use of a drug is unpleasant. It also encourages the user by awarding the person with cash or certain prizes.

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