How To Get Insurance To Pay For Drug Rehab

photo of insurance accepted for drug rehab

Knowing the legal framework that supports insurance payments for drug rehabilitation is the first step in getting insurers to pay for rehab. This knowledge helps you agitate for these payments articulately, forcefully, and logically.

Remember, insurers would rather spend as little as they can on you so that they can increase their profit margins. However, constructive agitation for these payments ensures that insurance companies pay for most of the rehab costs if not all of them.

The Legal Framework Supporting Insurance Payments for Rehab

Insurance companies cover medical expenses for diseases and disabilities. That means they should cover rehab for addicts if addiction is an illness.

Well, alcoholism and Drug Addiction are diseases according to the American Medical Association (AMA). In fact, the medical terms the Association uses when describing them are Alcohol Use Disorder and Substance Use Disorder.

Therefore, an insurer has no excuse for failing to cover rehab when it is necessary for one of its clients. Additionally, the 2008 Affordable Care Act stipulates that insurance companies should offer coverage for treatment of substance abuse.

In fact, it says that the provision of this cover should match the standards and norms set by existing policies on medical care benefits.

Therefore, it is unacceptable when insurance companies fail to pay for rehab treatment. In fact, some of them view long-term therapy as a luxury, so they only pay for detoxification.

Remember that the law requires equal treatment for all diseases. That means the insurance firm should pay for all or most of the expenses incurred in the treatment of this illness.

Understanding Your Insurance Package

Insurance companies will take care of your medical expenses up to a particular limit. This limit depends on your insurance package and provider.

Insurers will meet your rehabilitation needs up to a specific point as well. This point depends on the policy you have. Therefore, studying the contract you made with the insurance company is critical.

More specifically, you can agitate for as many benefits as possible based on your insurance coverage. In most cases, insurers will pay the entire cost for assessment.

They will meet most of the expenses when it comes to outpatient treatment and detoxification. However, they will cover residential treatment partially. Therefore, the bulk of your out-of-pocket costs will go to residential treatment.

Talk to Your Insurance Company

How to get insurance to pay for drug rehab depends on the insurer as well so talk to the firm that covers you. Doing so is the ultimate way of way of getting things done.

However, speak to your firm from an informed position. In other words, understand the jargons, calculations, and norms that insurers use before you contact the company.

Remember, insurance companies might misinform you deliberately so you can stop asking for some or most of the medical payments. Alternatively, they can give you unattractive deals compared to the ones that you could receive from them.

Interestingly, they will appease you with prompt payments and complete payments for rehab if you talk to them from an informed perspective.