The Benefits Of Zen Meditation In Addiction And Recovery

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Zen Meditation and Suffering

Zen meditation originates from Buddhist philosophical teaching of nature, spirituality, and existence. This reflective teaching focuses on four fundamental truths.

The first one is the acceptance of human suffering. In other words, we must admit that it exists and it affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The second one is that ignorance and craving are the principal causes of this suffering. Therefore, eliminating it is possible through meditation because meditation reduces cravings and ignorance.

In fact, the third truth is that escaping misery is possible. Finally, Buddhist teaching emphasized that a systemized path to overcoming physical and emotional torment exists.

Zen Meditation and Addiction Recovery

Addiction is an extreme form of suffering because people crave for something that harms them physically and emotionally. The relationships that addicts have with their families weaken as well.

Their businesses fail, or their work productivity reduces. Many people get into drugs because of inadequate information or ignoring sound advice. Getting out of this habit is difficult. Fortunately, nothing is impossible.

The Benefits of Zen Meditation in Addiction and Recovery

Developing the Right Frame of Mind

Many people say that limits exist in your mind. They are right. However, only a few of them can help you overcome these limits. Zen Meditation helps you by reprograming your thoughts so that you can reject your cravings.

More specifically, you will recognize the difficulties that you face. You will appreciate your need to overcome them. Lastly, you will think of systematic ways to deal with these hurdles.

Developing an Unshakeable Sense of Self-Control

How do you control the craving for a substance when your body is itching for it? Yes, you might have the right thoughts and understanding. However, can you put these ideas into action? Zen Meditation helps you do that.

It starts by helping you control your breathing. You will sit in a meditation position, and then you will direct your awareness towards breathing.

Alternatively, you can guide it to the energy center that exists below your navel. You can control your craving for unhealthy substances including drugs if you can control your awareness.

Expressing Your Energy Positively

You have reprogramed your thoughts. That means you no longer ignore sound advice on drug use. Instead, you accept it. Then you have developed a self-control mechanism by controlling your energy so that you can control your cravings.

The question is what you do with your time, energy, and resources. Remember, failing to do something might mean that you would suffer from a relapse.

Fortunately, Zen meditation would prevent such things from happening. Remember, this form of meditation follows a systematic Buddhist path. This path includes expressing your energy through the right effort and livelihood.

That means you will train your thoughts towards positive initiatives that will improve your life physically, socially, and psychologically.

Finally, the right livelihood means that you will find seek peace through righteous living. Consequently, you will let go of thoughts encouraging the earning of money through drugs or other vices that facilitate this habit.

Try it today now that you know the benefits of Zen meditation in addiction and recovery.