What Are The Main Types Of Drug Rehab Programs?

Modern drug-rehab centers have introduced a lot of drug-rehabilitation therapies. Your therapist will decide which therapy suits you the most.

Major types of drug-rehab:

  • Women Drug-Rehab: Gender-specific drug-addiction programs are currently becoming quite popular. Out of these programs, drug-addiction programs for women are quite prominent. Women have got susceptible minds, and thus they always need special care. Past-life sexual-abuse, self-image issues, and co-dependency are the common reasons behind women’s drug-addiction.
  • Dual-Diagnosis Rehab: Dual diagnosis is needed for special kinds of patients who are being affected by mental illness on the one hand and by addiction on the other hand. These patients are quite critical and thus they need specialized treatments. High-risks are associated with these patients, and thus they are admitted only at the special drug-addiction centers. They are kept under strict supervision as they can get out of control at any point in time. Innumerable counseling sessions are being arranged for these patients so that their mental issues can be eliminated permanently. In this case, both psychiatric counseling and addiction treatments need to be conducted simultaneously for healing up these critical patients. Sometimes, counselors prescribe few medicines to these patients for alleviating mental-issues quickly.
  • Teen-Drug Rehab: Adolescents and teens are the easy targets of drug-addictions. Special drug-rehab programs are being designed for these patients. Sometimes, no specific reasons are found for their addiction. Initially, they taste drugs for fashion and slowly this fashion gets converted into acute addiction. Some unique therapies are being planned for these teens. They need to be patiently handled as they might get violent at times. Moreover, their understanding-level is not that very matured than that of adults, and thus they need to be tackled in quite a careful manner with lots of patience. Family-support is very much essential for addicted teens as this support can only bring speedy recovery.
  • Holistic-drug rehab: In this case, different kinds of holistic-therapies are being practiced for treating drug-addiction issues. These approaches have got mild effects, and they mainly target in improving mental health. These approaches can control your cravings for drugs in the most effective manner and thus you will always stay away from addicted elements. Some approved holistic-approaches that are getting included within rehab-centers are meditation, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and yoga. These treatments are enhancing spiritual energies, and these energies spread positivity throughout mind and body. These approaches need to be continued for long and then only expected results could be gained. Therefore, the patients’ family members need to have enough patience and faith in the potentiality of these therapies.

Home-environment is not suitable for treating drug-addicted patients, and this is the reason patients are admitted to rehab centers. In these centers, therapists take care of the patients for the whole day long.

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