Florida Inpatient Alcohol Recovery Center

Why Use Our Services?

Our detox centers that are there to help people with their recovery. Our rehabilitation programs are watched over by a team of specialists who ensure that an addict gets a holistic and a medically informed approach to recovery. The professional team of psychiatrists, nurses and therapists besides having depth knowledge in addiction treatment, they are also well equipped with knowledge in treating psychological, medical and even psychiatric situations that may be contributing to the dependence on drugs.

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What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that leads to harmful side effects to the abuser. The abuser usually gets some changes in the brain that compel him or her to change one’s behavior and thinking. Addiction is a relapsing disease as the user can come back to the drug after having the attempts to stop the usage. Becoming a drug abuse starts with simply a voluntary act to take the drugs, then the user now becomes tied to using the drugs with the intent of motivating the brain to as it has already become accustomed to functioning ‘well’ after taking a dose of the drug. At this stage, getting the drug and using it becomes compulsive and hence it now becomes substance abuse.

Can Addiction Be Treated?

Addiction is a complex thing, but just like other diseases, it too can be treated. Since it is a relapsing disease, it is not guaranteed that a user will get off the substance abuse after a few days, as the therapy is carried over a long period with repeated care to help the users get back to leading a clean and drug-free life.

What You Get Out Of Our Services

  • Our core concentration in the recovery process is to help the addict do the following:
  • Live a drug-free life
  • Stop using the drugs
  • Become responsible for leading an independent life
  • Become productive both at the family and society level
  • Quick access to professional therapy.
  • Recovery programs, inpatient (the patient is required to board at the facility with the activities taking the toll during the day) and outpatient (the user is allowed to live outside our center and continue with daily activities while undergoing their detox) are available. A suitable program is chosen after consideration of a patient’s schedule and flexibility.
  • Professional and medically supervised detoxification process throughout the process.
  • Medical detoxification is only done in the early stage.
  • Regular therapies to assess behaviors during and even after the therapy.

How We Carry Out The Treatment

photo of alcohol abuse treatment

For our patients to fully recover, the procedures must have five key steps.
1. Detoxification to get the body rid of the drug in the body.
2. Assessment of behaviors and counseling services.
3. Having medication procedures.
4. Observing and treating relapsing mental health conditions.
5. Carrying out follow-ups after the treatment, including regular therapies.

Our centers really take care of the whole recovering process, making our patients feel at ease and open up to the path of sobriety.